ICE is providing rail transportation services across North America; including international rail shipments into Canada and Mexico. Rail transportation provides a safe, cost-effective and efficient method for delivering a wide range of materials and goods. Our fleet of railcars (gondolas, tankcars, flatcars, hopper cars, etc…), intermodal containers and other equipment gives us the ability to transport materials and goods to virtually anywhere in North America, therefore helping to reduce the carbon footprint, fossil fuel use, and traffic congestion.

Our senior staff members were instrumental in developing several packaging and transportation concepts and methods, including Waste-By-Rail transportation in North America. ICE handles a wide range of materials and goods by rail; these include; bio-fuel & other petrochemical products, hazardous materials, waste (low level radioactive, RCRA hazardous waste, TSCA / PCB waste and non-hazardous waste), sand & aggregate, paper, pulp & wood, steel & metal products and heavy & over-dimensional machinery and equipment.

ICE maintains working relationships and contractual relationships with various short-line, regional railroads and North American Class 1 Railroads; including the CSX Transportation (CSX), Norfolk Southern Corporation (NS), Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNSF) and Union Pacific (UP) railroads. ICE takes great pride in the fact since our inception, we’ve never had a railcar delayed or held for non payment, nor have we ever had a rail transportation incident. Since 2007, we have handled nearly 10,000 rail shipments.



ICE is providing truck transportation services across North America; including international truck shipments into Canada and Mexico. Utilizing truck transportation gives ICE the ability to transport material that may be time sensitive, in quantities that don’t warrant rail transportation or when economically rail transportation doesn’t work because of shorter distances. Many times if a origin / customer site or the destination / receiving site isn’t directly rail served we’ll utilize trucking to support the move in a truck-to-rail and / or rail-to-truck transload or transfer operation.

ICE maintains a large network of trucking assets across North America. ICE provides; Flatbeds (45’, 48’ and 53’) trailers, Drop Deck Trailers, Low-Boy Trailers, Vans, Tankers Trailers and Trucks and Dump Trucks and Dump Trailers.

ICE handles a wide range of materials and goods by truck; these include; bio-fuel & other petrochemical products, hazardous materials, waste (low level radioactive, RCRA hazardous waste, TSCA / PCB waste and non-hazardous waste), sand & aggregate, paper, pulp & wood, steel & metal products and heavy & over-dimensional machinery and equipment.



ICE is providing marine (river and ocean) transportation services across North America; including international rail shipments coming to and from the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Caribbean Islands. In 2009, despite logistical and mechanical challenges stemming from re-establishing a long-dormant waterway that involved the opening of seven different bridges, ICE endured, and with a coordinated effort with our partners and various government agencies was able to ensure the safe and secure passage of 15,000 barrels of bio-diesel via barge down the Passaic River in Newark, NJ to New York Harbor, where the bio-diesel was then transferred to an ocean going vessel and transport to Europe. ICE has provided cargo container / intermodal shipments for a wide range of materials including plastic, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, bio-diesel, rope, steel and other materials.



As either part of complete turnkey transportation & logistical service or as a stand-alone service, ICE provides a wide-range of logistical support and fleet management services. These services include:

  • Evaluation of Equipment Needs (type, number, etc.)
  • Equipment Recommendations / Selection
  • Long Term & Short Term Lease of Equipment
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Shipment Expediting
  • Supplier Contract Negotiations (railroads, marine, etc.)
  • Inspection of Equipment
  • Daily Tracking of Equipment (specifically railcar equipment)
  • Design Support for New & Upgraded Track & Switches
  • Repair Bill Auditing
  • Ad Valorem Taxes


Many times the most economical transportation option is via rail or marine, but the origin and / or destination site may not be served by a railroad. During these cases, ICE has the ability to transload and / or transfer material between the different transportation conveyances. Depending on the scope and length of the project, ICE can set up a temporary transloading / transferring site or if the project is larger in scope or long term, ICE can set up a long term or permanent location. ICE and our senior staff members have been successful in establishing short-term and long-term transload / transfer operations for a wide range of materials, including; liquid hazardous materials, liquids, steel, sand and waste. ICE is also contracted to support design & consulting projects involving the design, construction and operation of transloading & transferring projects.



ICE provides waste management support services across North America for a wide range of customers. Our services includes assisting customers with identifying locations that are licensed and permitted to receive, treat, recycling and / or dispose of a wide range for liquid and solid by-products and waste, including:

  • Chemicals / Off Spec Products
  • Hazardous Waste (RCRA)
  • TSCA & PCB Waste
  • Non-Hazardous Industrial / Process Waste
  • Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW)
  • TENORM / NORM Material
  • Construction & Demolition Debris
As part of our waste management support services ICE handles to the day to day work associated with the proper management of these materials, our services include:
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Transportation & Disposal Plans
  • Emergency Response & Transportation Security Plans
  • Completion / Submittal of Waste Profiles
  • Interaction with Government Agencies & TSDFs
  • Completion of Bills of Lading
  • Completion of Manifests
  • Transportation Coordination
  • On-Site Transportation & Disposal Coordinators



ICE supports our private / commercial customers and government customers were short-term and long-term staff augmentation / professional project services across North America. ICE has the capabilities to support private remediation projects, as well as U.S. Army Corps of Engineer (USACE), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) projects and sites. These sites include decommissioning, dismantlement and demolitions sites, Superfund remediation sites, FUSRAP sites and other related environmental remediation and construction sites.

We carefully select professionals that meet and exceed the needs of our customers to help fill those niche positions for both short terms and long term assignments; many of our professionals are located close to our customer officers and project sites giving ICE the ability to help our customers minimize their site operating cost

We offer a full-line of staffing expertise, including: Contractor Quality Control Systems Managers (CQCSM), Emergency Medical Technicians, Environmental Sampling Specialists, Estimators, Field Engineers, Health & Safety Officers (HSO), Quality Assurance Officer & Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Radiation Safety Officers (RSO), Radiation Safety Technicians, Transportation Managers, Transportation & Disposal Coordinators and Waste Managers.



ICE formed a strategic partnership with Industrial Services Enterprises (ISE) of Dover, NJ. Let us raise your roof with the ISE patented E Z Riser roof raising system. For over thirty years ISE has been lifting roofs on buildings throughout the United States to make more room for warehousing, mezzanines, high bay equipment and other uses. E Z Riser lifts existing roofs intact, including all lighting, sprinklers and mechanical equipment. ISE has raised roof sections of over 100,000 square feet to twice their existing height, nearly doubling the volume of the buildings. ISE invented roof raising and continue to be the leader in this innovative way to expand buildings without using more land. Let us show you how to maximize the space of your existing building with a vertical expansion.