I.C.E. Service Group, Inc. (ICE) was founded to provide superior logistic, material management and transportation services to the Industrial, Construction, and Environmental industries. Our commitment to our customers, our employees and our shareholders is to always provide services that take into account Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness.

We built our company with the belief that a company’s most important and valuable asset are the professionals within the organization. ICE continues to recruit the very best individuals from the Industrial, Construction and Environmental industries.

Our staff includes professionals such as Program Managers, Project Managers, Chemists, Logistical Specialists, Health & Safety Officers, Contractor Quality Control System Managers (CQCSM), Educators / Trainers, Engineers, Field Technicians, Estimators, and Superintendents.

Our staff has “hands on, real life” experience working on projects and developing solutions that overcome the challenges that face our customers on a daily basis. Our experience comes from such industries as heavy / highway construction, remediation, waste management (hazardous, non-hazardous, low level radioactive, and C & D), logistics, industrial services, decontamination / demolition, environmental construction, and education.

We understand time restraints on projects and the need for expedited schedules. We have the ability to develop the correct solution the first time and completing the project the correct way. Our ability to develop the correct solution is based on our past experiences. It’s very likely that we have faced a similar challenge in the past, and developed a solution that was a win-win for all parties involved.

Our goal is to develop a solution that isn’t over engineered, keeping it simple…without risking Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness.

With our headquarters outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and offices in New Jersey, Virginia and Texas, and field / project locations across North America, ICE has the ability to serve our customers anywhere in North America; including Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

ICE is a Small Business Administration (SBA) self-certified small business that is delivering big time results for commercial and public customers.

The ICE Difference

The goal of The I.C.E. Service Group, Inc. (ICE) is to provide a positive “family like” workplace that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit for all the team members and increases shareholder value by building our customer base through internal growth and strategic acquisitions. ICE will never fail to complete a project, we will meet and exceed all of our customers expectations by delivering a service that is always provided in a manner that continuously takes into account Safety, Quality and Cost Effectiveness. “Providing Services with Integrity and Fearlessness”